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The village of Margarida , base of Walk-In-Spain, is situated in the historical medieval zone of the Baronial town “Planes de la Baronia”, in the middle of the famous mountain region “Les Valls de la Marina”.

Surrounded by valleys - The Moorish valley Vall de Alcala, the Vall de Gallinera one of the oldest Spanish trade routes, the Vall de Seta the mushroom valley , the Vall de Pop the wine valley and the Vall de Travadell famous for its mountains full of wildlife.

Only 90km from the Airports of Valencia and Alicante and just 30km away from the beaches of the Costa Blanca you will find this area which is not spoiled by tourist attractions and offers a vast amount of local offers for the individual traveller.

The Canyon „Barranco de La Encantada“

The enchanted canyon invites you to swim in clear lagoons and waterfalls and

the „Barranco del Infierno“ the Hells Canyon

offers  walking,hiking and canyon climbing between its spectacular stone formations.

The mountain ranges of Benicadell and Montcabrer with heights up to 1.450m , make for real mountain walking with unforgettable views to the plateau of La Mancha.

The natural reserve "Albufera", near Valencia invites bird watchers with its beauty.

The Lake of Beniarress, fed by the Rio Jucar is popular with fishing enthusiasts

The cities of Xativa, Bocairente and Onteniente invite with their medieval roots and the local wine producers with their excellent wines.

The city of Valencia is famous for it's diversity of antique and post modern design.


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